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Wedding Quote & Information

These are suggestions to help plan your wedding luau, and to familiarize you with our offerings.

No single size fits all needs or budgets -- feel free to modify selections as you see fit.

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(Note:  Prices shown on this web site are approximate, to help you plan your luau within your budget. We'll e-mail an exact quote to you)

Some information we need from you...

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Bridal party:
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About your reception's Luau Polynesian Show...

Number of Dancers: ,      Number of Fire/Knife Dancers:  ,

For your reception luau, our Polynesian Show will provide an energy-filled entertaining revue of the dances, drumming, and music of the Islands.  We'll perform graceful story-telling dances of Hawaii, including "The Road that Never Ends" or  "Hawaiian Wedding Song" in honor of your wedding.  And we also dance the fast pulsating hip movements of Tahiti, and the fascinating Maori Poi Ball dances of New Zealand, and Samoan slap dances.  If you also include the fire dance, your guests will be captivated by the dramatic leaps, spins, and whirling of the fire dancer's flaming torch.   The revue will  feature beautiful authentic costuming (including the colorful headdresses and other island garb),  costume changes, and audience participation (including remarks about the wedding party, if desired, and light-hearted teaching of some Polynesian dances). The show includes its own sound system and emceeing.  (About $200/dancer, $300/fire dancer, varies with season and location.)

Music for the Show: , (No charge for pre-recorded music.)

If your budget permits, live musicians are also wonderful, and add a special character and spontaneity to the Polynesian Show.  ($550 for 3 musicians)

Guest greetings and atmosphere...

Lei Greeters: ,
Greeters:  Your wedding guests will be greeted island-style, by beautiful island male and female (adult) greeters to smile and say "Aloha" while bestowing leis. ($150/greeter, most areas)

Silk Leis for your guests?






Festive Leis: These are premium silk fabric, full-flowered island leis (shown to the left); and are sure to spread the aloha spirit among your guests.   Available in red, pink, yellow, purple, blue, and multi-colored.  An excellent value at $1 each.

White silk orchid leis for the wedding party?
leis leis

These Hawaiian-made orchid leis look so real, you'll be amazed that they're actually crafted from silk.  They make a lovely traditional compliment to the bridal party (with or without baby's breath)   $8.50 each

Tropical props/signs?

props Add to the fun of your reception with large Hawaiian decorations, such as a Hawaiian canoe, large Hawaiian signs, tikis, etc.  Delivered to, and retrieved from, your luau. ($550)

Background &Dance Music / DJ:

Our DJs arrive in casual Aloha attire or formal dress, depending on your preference.   We bring professional  state-of-the-art equipment, and play island music, top 40s  hits, and other selections suited to your guests.  The DJ can help to structure the flow of the reception through announcements, introductions and music selections.   And our convenient cordless mikes also permit your guests to give speeches that everyone can hear.  $650 for 4 hours.

Luau food catering for your reception...

Luau Buffet? 
(in Southern Calif. only)   

Our delicious 9-item Aloha Special Buffet, with 3 meat dishes (Kalua pig, Hawaiian chicken, and Hawaiian Boneless Short ribs), 2 salads (garden salad with dressing and macaroni salad), rice, 2 veggie dishes (Chow Fun and Steamed Veggies) and Hawaiian Sweet rolls. There's no better food for the price ($12 per person). This includes delivery.

Party Servers? ($175/server,  up to 5 hours)

Gifts for guests...

Luau Goodie Bags,
customized for the occasion?

  ($7 / adult bag;  $5 / child bag)   

A nice gift for your guests, the adult goodie bags are decoratively dressed, and include a label with customized artwork and/or photos of the bride and groom. They contain Hawaiian shortbread cookies, tropical teas, Kona coffee, and chocolate-covered macadamia nuts. ($7 each)  Kids goodie bags also have the customized artwork, and contain an assortment of island-themed toys.  ($5 each)


Other entertainment possibilities...

Is there any other entertainment you'd like information about for your reception?
Lauhala ($150/hr)

Photographer with On-site Photo Printer ($150/hr)
Island-Inspired Look-Alikes
Fortune Tellers
Strolling Musicians
Entertainers for kids
Other Entertainment
If another entertainment, what?:

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