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Hawaii Hula Shows and Luau

Guide to Find the Best Luau and Hula Experiences 

About Us was created by two lifelong Hawaii residents as an informational site to help visitors sort through the endless amount of information about hula shows and luaus.

We have built strong relationships with all of our vendors, many of them offering our customer special discounts and promotions. 

Each luau and hula show is different. By highlighting key aspects of each show, we aim to help users choose an activity that fits their budget, expectations, and timeline. 

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope we can help to make your experience in Hawai’i a memorable one! 

Hula Shows

Hula shows are the epitome of Hawaiian culture. Whether you prefer the traditional dance (hula Kahiko) or modernized hula (auwana) we aim to help lead you in the right direction to get an experience you won’t soon forget!

Traditional hula take you back to ancient hawaii where performers wear ti leaf adornments dancing to the beat of ipu drums and chanting.

Modern hula features smooth movements to the infamous slack key guitar and falsetto singers.

Either experience you choose, you’ll be amazed as you watch these performers tell the stories (Moolelo) and history of these islands we call home. 

4 young ladies dancing hula at a luau show


Experience treatment once reserved for Hawaiian royalty (Ali’i).

Luaus are really the ultimate experience and taste of Hawai’i. Where else can you enjoy traditional food of these islands, dancers, and traditional activities all in one night?

Luau’s are meant to be enjoyed with your family (Ohana) which is why many vendors cater to guests of all ages.

We did the research to highlight the main attractions of each venue so you can confidently choose the best experience for your family. 

Fire Dance

Arguably the most exciting part of the luau, experiencing a fire dance is a must when visiting the islands.

Fire dancing has roots in ancient Polynesia when warriors would use this to display courage and skill in combat.

The modern art of fire dancing takes you back centuries to experience this exhilarating event.

You’ll be at the edge of your seat as you watch these professionals spin their fiery weapons around up close on stage. 

Men at a luau show, do a fire knife dance in the dark
a typical hawaiian luau meal


A highlight of many Luau events is the ability to try all the food these islands have to offer. Popular dishes include:

Poi: Starchy paste made from the taro root. A Must try! 

Haupia: A coconut flavored sweet gelatin dessert. 

Kalua pig: Hawaiian style slow roasted pork. Bonus points if it’s cooked in a imu (traditional underground oven)

Lomi Salmon: Preserved salmon with tomatoes, white onions, and spring onions.

Poke: Raw diced fish with an assortment of condiments 

Mai tai: Popular Hawaiian drink makde of a variety of different fruit juices and rum


Many luaus are catered to be  family oriented events, Here are a list of popular luau activities. 

Dancing: Often dancers will bring up guests to showcase their moves!

Ulumaika: A traiditional Hawaiian game where the goal is to roll a stone disc between two sticks a distance away

Imu: Watch as your dinner is pulled from a traditional underground oven 

Lei Making: Create a beautiful lei you are able to take home or even better give to a loved one as a gift



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