Luau and Hula Shows

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The art of dancing hula is a paramount part of the Hawaiian culture. Since the Hawaiian language does not have any written language, hula is used to preserve the history of these islands. Each purposeful movement of the dancers hips, legs, and arms, aim to build a story right in front of your eyes.

Traditional hula (hula kahiko) is accompanied by ancient chants or olis and instruments such as gourds and rattling sticks. Modern day hula (hula ‘auana) often features instruments such as ukuleles, upright bass, and Hawaiis famous slack key guitar! Many modern hula venues also feature exciting shows such as Tahitian dancing and fire shows! While these two hulas have their differences, they both convey they culture and spirit of Hawaii in their instrumentals and dancing.

Lady Dancing hula at the ocean front with musicians playing music at a luau
Luau show entertainment
Fire Knife dancers spinning fire sticks at a luau
Luau Show – Fire Knife Dancer